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    Guide : Professions (Blacksmithing & Jewelcrafting)


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    Guide : Professions (Blacksmithing & Jewelcrafting) Empty Guide : Professions (Blacksmithing & Jewelcrafting)

    Post by SeanRyan147 on Mon Sep 17, 2007 12:10 am

    [::::::::::::::::::::Blacksmithing Guide 1-300::::::::::::::::::::]

    Raising Blacksmith Skill

    will want to equip yourself and your friends as your skill rises. If
    you keep your skill at 25 plus five times your level then you will
    always be able to make items you can equip at their minimum level.
    Outside of the items you make because you want to, or to fulfil the
    Blacksmith quests, there are a series of minimum-material items you can
    make to advance your skill, mostly consisting of stone, misc. items,
    and some low-material armour items.

    Apprentice Blacksmithing Path:

    is done mostly with stone, saving your copper and bronze bars until
    later except when you need to equip yourself or your friends or
    clients. Make Rough Sharpening Stones (turns green at 15 and grey at
    55) until you reach 25 and learn Rough Grinding Stones. (Save and use
    those Sharpening Stones as a combat buff.) Make Rough Grinding Stones
    (turns green at 45 and grey at 85) until you reach skill 65, keeping
    them for use later in making other items. Make Coarse Sharpening Stones
    (green when learned at 65, grey at 80) until you reach 75 and are a
    Journeyman. Copper items useful as skillups include Copper Bracers (2
    copper bars, green at 20), Copper Chain Pants (4 copper bars, green at
    50) and Copper Chain Belt (6 copper bars, green at 75).

    Journeyman Blacksmithing Path:

    75 you learn Coarse Grinding Stone, which are green when learned. Make
    those until they turn grey at 100 and save them for making further
    items. Turn any tin and copper into bronze bars but save them. Make
    Silver Rods until they turn green at 105 (and sell them to Enchanters)
    then make Rough Bronze Leggings (with your saved bronze bars) until
    they turn green at 145 or even to grey at grey at 175. These take 6
    Bronze Bars and sell to the vendors for 9.62 s each, so if you can buy
    stacks of 20 Bronze Bars for 30 s or less, you can actually make a
    profit while you skill up. Also at 125 you learn Heavy Grinding Stone.
    Make these until they turn grey at 150 and keep them for making other
    items. If you are able to learn the Deadly Bronze Poniard dropped plan
    at 125 then you can make and sell it at a profit until it turns green
    at 155 and grey at 185. The Patterned Bronze Bracer (green at 150) is
    required for a Badlands quest. At 145 you learn to make your first rare
    (blue) item, the Shining Silver Breastplate (green at 175) which sells

    Expert Blacksmithing Path:

    Beginning at 150, make
    Rough Bronze Leggings until they turn grey at 175. Iron Buckles are
    easy but turn grey at 155, while Golden Rods turn green at 155 and grey
    at 160. Golden skeleton keys are green when learned and grey at 170.
    You will want to equip yourself and friends with the Green Iron Set and
    that will provide some skillups. If you are lucky enough to learn the
    Iron Shield Spike plan at 150 then you can make and sell these at a
    good profit until they turn green at 180 and grey at 210. Another
    profitable drop is the Iron Counterweight, green at 190 and grey at
    210. At 200 you learn Solid Grinding Stone so make those until they
    turn grey at 210. To get from 210 to 225, make Golden Scale Bracers to
    215, then make Steel Plate Helms to 225. You will also be equipping
    yourself with the Golden Scale armour set and the Moonsteel Broadsword
    is required for a quest in Duskwallow Marsh. A number of expert weapons
    and armours are saleable, including the rare Green Iron Hauberk at 180
    (green at 205, grey at 230).

    Artisan Blacksmithing Path:

    225 make Steel Plate Helms until it turns green at 235. Then make
    Mithril Spurs to 250 (turns green at 255). At 250 make Dense Sharpening
    Stones until they turn grey at 260. The Heavy Mithril and Ornate
    Mithril armour items are good for their level, so you can also skill up
    some on making the mithril items for the Mithril Order quests. The
    Ornate Mithril Boots are popular with warriors for their remove root
    effect and they (and the Ornate Mithril Helm) turn green at 265. Go
    back to Mithril Spurs (which are readily saleable) until they turn grey
    at 275 and then make Thorium Bracers to 280. Now make Thorium Helms to
    300. An alternative is the Imperial Plate armour set, starting with the
    Imperial Plate Belt and Shoulders at 265, Bracers at 270, and then Helm
    and Boots at 295. While these use more thorium than the Thorium armour
    items, they can be sold for a profit even if you buy the materials.

    [::::::::::::::::::::Jewelcrafting Guide 1-300::::::::::::::::::::]


    Rough Stone Statues (10 Rough Stone) – Made 8
    Delicate Copper Wire (2 Copper Bars) – Made About 40
    Prospecting (regular skill-ups to about 50)

    Malachite Pendant (1 Delicate Copper Wire, 1 Malachite) – Made about 25
    Tigerseye Band (1 Delicate Copper Wire, 1 Tigerseye) – Made about 25
    Coarse Stone Statue (10 Coarse Stone)
    Bronze Setting (2 Bronze Bars)

    Elegant Silver Ring (2 Silver Bars) - Made 28

    Heavy Silver Ring (2 Silver Bars) - Made 10

    Ring of Twilight Shadows (2 Bronze Bars, 2 Shadowgem) – Made 36
    Heavy Stone Statue (10 Heavy Stone) – Made 5

    Gold Dragon Ring (1 Jade, 2 Gold, 2 Copper Wire) – Made 15
    155-175, 180-185

    Mithril Filigree (2 Mithril Bars) - Made 25

    Solid Stone Statue (10 Solid Stone) – Made 5

    Engraved Truesilver Ring (1 Truesilver Bar, 2 Gold Bars) – Made 42

    Truesilver Commander’s Ring (3 Truesilver Bars, 2 Star Rubies, 2 Citrine) – Made 5

    Aquamarine Signet (3 Aquamarine, 4 Flask of Mojo) – Made 5
    (Should have made this from 215 or even 210 – orange the whole way to 225 - but I resisted going to farm the Mojo on the test server until I didn’t have any choice.)

    Dense Stone Statue (10 Dense Stone) – Made 16

    Thorium Setting (3 Thorium Bars) – Made 20
    Ended up making far more than 20, so could have squeezed a few more points out here, probably 5 or 10.

    Ruby Pendant of Fire (1 Thorium Setting, 1 Star Ruby) – Made 30
    Probably worth it to keep making this until you run right out of rubies or it turns grey, since you end up with a lot of them from mithril and thorium ore.

    Simple Opal Ring (2 Large Opal, 2 Thorium Bars, 1 Thorium Setting) – Made 7

    Glowing Thorium Band (2 Azerothian Diamonds, 1 Thorium Setting, 1 Thorium Bar) – Made 4
    Summary Jewelcraft

    This is the list of materials I’m planning on having on-hand for when the expansion hits. Gems could be substituted for ore of the appropriate level, but some of the low level ones like Shadowgem are dirt cheap at auction now.

    80 Rough Stone (4 stacks)
    160 Copper Bars (8 stacks)
    40 Malachite (2 stacks)
    20 Tigerseye (1 stack)
    80 Bronze Bars (4 stacks)
    80 Silver Bars (4 stacks)
    80 Shadowgem (4 stacks)
    80 Heavy Stone (4 stacks)
    120 Gold (6 stacks)
    15 Jade (.75 stacks)
    50 Mithril Bars (2.5 stacks)
    60 Solid Stone (3 stacks)
    45 Truesilver Bars(2.25 stacks)
    30 Aquamarine (1.5 stacks)
    40 Flasks of Mojo (2 stacks)
    160 Dense Stone (8 stacks)
    20 Star Rubies (1 stack)
    100 Mithril Ore (5 stacks)
    ~200 Thorium Bars (10 stacks)
    ~250 Thorium Ore (25 stacks)

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