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    Forum Help For All New Users And Guests (Must Read)


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    Forum Help For All New Users And Guests (Must Read)

    Post by Delmira on Fri Feb 23, 2007 6:32 pm


    If you are a new user here welcome and i hope you enjoy the forum

    (Forum Help)

    If there is a problem (Such as a forum wont load up)
    And if you get any problem like that please get in contact with an admin.


    For the new user you might want to know this about the ranks. Ranks are to tell people how many posts you have made.There, can be all different kind of ranks.

    |Newbie - 0 |
    |Knight - 30 |
    |Hunter - 60 |
    |Hero - 125 |
    |Pure Archer - 225 |
    |Master - 290 |

    (Acount Activation )

    When you sign up you should receive an email.
    It can Also be found in the Junk mail.(if not in Inbox)


    1. No double posting
    Don't post more than once in a row.

    2. No spamming
    S = Stupid
    P = Pointless
    A = Annoying
    M = Messages

    3. No Swearing
    Swearing at others , arguing etc
    Debating is allowed.

    4. Don't ask to be a mod or admin
    It will make your chances of becoming one lower. All mods and admins will only be chosen by the staff.

    5. No Inappropriate matreial
    No "graphic" material that is not suitable for this forum. If its bad for people 10 or under to see, "DO NOT" post it.

    6. No Plagiarism
    stealing of other peoples work will not be tolirated.

    Co Admins: Feel free to add anything to this post.

    Your's Sincerely


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