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    Guide : Professions (Herbalism & Alchemy)


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    Guide : Professions (Herbalism & Alchemy) Empty Guide : Professions (Herbalism & Alchemy)

    Post by SeanRyan147 on Sun Sep 16, 2007 11:56 pm

    [::::::::::::::::::::Herbalism Guide 1-300::::::::::::::::::::]

    Bear in mind, that where I've specified a particular herb to pick, do not avoid picking anything else you see. Pick everything.

    I've also tried to list multiple alternatives for each part of the levelling up guide. This should hopefully allow you to choose the area thats best for you or give you alternatives if an area is already being farmed by other players.

    1 - 50
    Collecting Silverleaf and Peacebloom
    Mulgore. Just do circuits round the base of Thunderbluff picking Silverleaf and Peacebloom.
    Do circuits around Dolanaar heading South East around the lake and back upto to Dolanaar, if your Alliance or complete circuits of Elwynn Forest.
    For Undead, try starting at Solliden Farmstead in Tirisfal Glades, run north to the mills, loop round and back south past Stillwater Pond and onto Cold Hearth Manor and Nightmare Vale. Then back up to Solliden Farmstead again. (Thanks to Olmolmtyr for info)

    You can find Peacebloom and Silverleaf in abundance around your main starting area (not in it, around it). So the first 50 levels should be really easy.

    51 - 70
    Collecting Mageroyal and Earthroot
    Go west from Crossroads then head north before the entrance to Stonetalon Mountains and follow around to where the harpies are, then head east back to the Gold road and then south to Crossroads again, picking Mage Royal, Earthroot, Peacebloom and Silverleaf as you go.
    For Alliance start in the north of Westfall and follow the coast south to Deadmines and then head straight to Sentinel Hill and back up to the north again, picking Mageroyal.
    You can also run circuits of Gol'Bolar Quarry in Dun Morogh, collecting Earthroot as you go. (Thanks to Flareon for that info)

    71 - 100
    Collecting Briarthorn
    Same route as above (for Horde), but extend it east to Sludge Fen, picking Briarthorn now.
    You could actually extend your runs to encompass the whole of The Barrens, as this area is absolutely chock full of Briarthorn and other herbs. It's possibly the best area to get your herbalism trained up.
    Southern part of Silverpine Forest, from Pyrewood Village to the Entrance to Hillsbrad Foothills and back again.
    Same route as above (for Alliance) or do circuits of Twilight Grove in Duskwood.
    Also for Alliance, just wander north to south in Darkshore for loads of Briarthorn.
    The eastern side of Loch Modan is also a great place for Briarthorn.
    You could also do circuits of Lakeshire in Redridge Mountains.

    101 - 115
    Collecting Bruiseweed
    Start at the Ramparts in Ashenvale and head north-east to Splintertree Post (dont follow road, try to go as straight as you can, you'll find more herbs that way), then head west from Splintertree Post towards the first bridge. Head south from here past the Moonwell and then back west to the ramparts when you reach the edge of the map. Pick Bruiseweed as you go.
    Stonetalon Mountains. Go to Camp Aparaje, head west to the Grimtotem Post, then south to Malaka'jin, then east to the Greatwood Vale. Nice run of Bruiseweed there.
    The Field of Giants in Southern Barrens or between the two Razorfens.
    You can also circle to the north of Mystral Lake for Bruiseweed or to the West of Astranaar in Ashenvale.
    Windshear Crag in Stonetalon Mountains.
    The eastern coast of Loch Modan.
    Circuits of Stonewatch keep in Redridge Mountains.

    116 - 125
    Collecting Wild Steelbloom
    Go to Stonetalon Peak and do circuits of the small area around the Alliance Town and the Talon Den collecting Wild Steelbloom.
    For higher levels do full circuits of Arathi Highlands, sticking to the mountain sides (as this is where you'll find Wild Steelbloom)
    Nek'mani Wellspring in Stranglethorn Vale.
    The Zuuldaia Ruins, north of Grom'gol in Stranglethorn Vale.
    Go from Black Channel Marsh in the Wetlands to the Angerfang Encampment, taking in Whelgar's Excavation Site as you go.
    Go from The Field of Giants in southern Barrens to the two Razorfens and back up again.
    Between The Great Lift and Highperch in Thousand Needles.

    *from now on your going to be doing circuits of the full map, so you'll have to learn your own paths.

    126 - 160
    Collecting Kingsblood
    Full circuits of Ashenvale to collect Kingsblood.
    Circuits of The Charred Vale in Stonetalon Mountains.
    Full circuits of The Wetlands.
    Full circuits of Hillsbrad Foothills.
    The Misty Reed Stand in Swamp of Sorrows.

    161 - 185
    Collecting Fadeleaf
    Full circuits of Swamp of Sorrows to collect Fadeleaf (sell these to Rogues for a good profit).

    186 - 205
    Collecting Khadgar's Whisker
    Full circuits of The Hinterlands to collect Khadgar's Whisker.
    The Witherbark Village and Ogre Compound in Arthai Highlands.
    You can also stay in Swamp of Sorrows, as there is a decent amount of Khadgar's Whiskers there.

    206 - 230
    Collecting Firebloom
    Full circuits of Searing Gorge to collect Firebloom.
    Full circuits of Blasted Lands.
    Tanaris also has a lot, but doing full circuits takes time. You can divide Tanaris into four and do circuits that way.

    231 - 250
    Collecting Sungrass
    Full circuits of Felwood to collect Sungrass. This is actually more of a zig-zag pattern, rather than a circuit (also try to do the Cleansing Felwood quest and pick up Windblossom Berries, Nightdragons, Whipper Roots and the odd Songflower Serenade buff when needed).
    Feralas is also a great place to get Sungrass. You can make two circuits here. One that starts in the very north west at The Ruins of Ravenwind and runs south to The High Wilderness and one around The Lower Wilds, Lariss Pavillion, Grimtotem Compound and Woodpaw Hills, all near Camp Mojache.
    You can do circuits around The Forlorn Ridge in Azshara.
    You can try the main path through The Hinterlands too. As you follow it one way, stay about 50 metres from the path and then do the same the other way.

    251 - 270
    Collecting Gromsblood
    Full circuits of Felwood to collect Gromsblood. See above notes.
    Do circuits of Mannoroc Coven in Desolace for Gromsblood too.
    Full circuits of Blasted Lands.
    Demon Fall Canyon in Ashenvale, not many people bother with this area, so although its small, it can be good for farming Gromsblood.

    271 - 285 or 290 (see below)
    Collecting Dreamfoil
    Full circuits of Un'goro Crater to collect Dreamfoil.
    Two good routes in Azshara are:
    From The Forlorn Ridge, head south east to the Ravencrest Monument and back again.
    From the north of the Ruins of Eldareth, head north east to the Jagged Reaches and back again.

    285 or 290 - 300
    From 285 you can get Plagueblooms from doing circuits of Eastern and Western Plaguelands and Felwood, but if your not competing against a load of other players, try to collect Icecaps from Winterspring, as they will sell for more money.

    [::::::::::::::::::::Alchemy Guide 1-300::::::::::::::::::::]

    About this guide.

    This guide will show you how to get your alchemy skill up from 0 to
    300. The guide will only use recipe's available at a trainer until 265
    and vendor available recipes from 265 to 300.

    This guide only uses recipes that require herbs and vendor bought material (vials).

    This guide does not tell you how to get all the different recipes from
    quests, vendors or drops. What you do once you hit 300 is entirely up
    to you. This guide will not tell you what to do with the potions you
    make either.

    This guide is primarily aimed at those who want to switch profession at
    highlevel or have high-level alts, friends or guild members.


    You are going to need a lot of herbs. Create an alt storage character
    to store these herbs and then farm (or have an alt farm) for the herbs
    needed. Use the in game mail system to send the herbs to the storage
    character. Don't forget to send some gold to the storage character, so
    she can send the herbs back.

    Once you have all the components collected, everything has to be sent
    back to your main character. The mailbox only shows the first 50 items
    you have in the mail. It also puts the last item send to you on top. So
    to avoid complications send the components you need first last: i.e.
    Peacebloom and Silverleaf are needed first, so these are the last to be
    send back to your main, after the Briarthorn, Mageroyal, etc.

    The recipe's used require vendor bought components such as vials. These
    cost gold. To learn recipes from a trainer also costs gold. The amount
    of gold needed is approximately 40 to 50 gold if you farm all of the
    herbs. If you want to buy everything you need from the auction house
    expect to spend upwards to 225 gold. This does not include gold for
    recipes from vendors or the auction house.

    Below is a table that shows the amount of herbs needed. The minimum
    amount column shows the minimum amount needed if you would get a skill
    point every time you make something. However at some point a recipe
    will be yellow or even green when you make something so you won't
    always get a skill point. The estimated amount column deals with this,
    so try to get the estimated amount of herbs on your storage character.
    If you are buying all the herbs you need from the auction house, I
    suggest getting the minimum amount and only buy more whenneeded.

    Component Minimum Amount Estimated Amount

    Peacebloom 60 (3 stacks) 60 (3 stacks)

    Silverleaf 60 (3 stacks) 60 (3 stacks)

    Mageroyal 15 (1 stacks) 20 (1 stacks)

    Briarthorn 80 (4 stacks) 90 (5 stacks)

    Stranglekelp 40 (2 stacks) 50 (3 stacks)

    Bruiseweed 30 (2 stacks) 35 (2 stacks)

    Wild Steelbloom 5 (1 stacks) 10 (1 stacks)

    Kingsblood 30 (2 stacks) 40 (2 stacks)

    Liferoot 30 (2 stacks) 40 (2 stacks)

    Goldthorn 45 (3 stacks) 50 (2 stacks)

    Khadgar's Whisker 15 (1 stacks) 20 (1 stacks)

    Sungrass 60 (3 stacks) 70 (4 stacks)

    Blindweed 30 (2 stacks) 35 (2 stacks)

    Arthas' Tears 20 (1 stacks) 25 (2 stacks)

    Golden Sansam 40 (2 stacks) 60 (3 stacks)

    Mountain Silversage 20 (1 stacks) 30 (2 stacks)

    Getting from 1 to 50

    Getting from 1 to 50 is easy enough. Make 60 minor healing potions.
    This should get you to skill 60. You need at least skill 55 for the
    next step; so don't worry if you didn't get to 60. Keep the minor
    healing potions, you will need them later.

    Once you hit 50 talk to the appropriate trainer to become Journeyman
    Alchemist. You have to be level 10 to become Journeyman Alchemist.

    This table shows the different recipes used to get from 0 to 50.

    Skill Item From - To

    1 Minor Healing Potion 0 - 60 (60)

    Getting from 50 to 125

    Use the minor healing potions made earlier to make lesser healing
    potions to get to 110. If you didn't reach 110, make elixirs of wisdom
    until you do.

    At 110 you can train the healing potion recipe. Make those until skill 125.

    Once you hit 125 talk to the appropriate trainer to become Expert Alchemist. You have to be level 20 to become Expert Alchemist.

    This table shows the different recipes used to get from 50 to 125.

    Skill Item From - To

    55 Lesser Healing Potion 60 - 110 (50)

    90 Elixir of Wisdom 105 - 110 (5)

    110 Healing Potion 110 - 125 (15)

    Getting from 125 to 200

    Make some more healing potions to get to skill 140. Make lesser mana
    potions to get to 155, greater healing potions to get to 185 and
    elixirs of agility to get to 200.

    Once you hit 200 talk to the appropriate trainer to become Artisan
    Alchemist. You have to be level 35 to become Artisan Alchemist.

    This table shows the different recipes used to get from 125 to 200.

    Skill Item From - To

    110 Healing Potion 125 - 140 (15)

    120 Lesser Mana Potion 140 - 155 (15)

    155 Greater Healing Potion 155 - 185 (30)

    185 Elixir of Agility 185 - 200 (15)

    Getting from 200 to 265

    Make some more elixirs of agility to get to 210. Make elixirs of
    greater defence until 215 and then make superior healing potions until
    230. Make elixirs of detect undead to get to 250 and elixir of greater
    agility to get to 265.

    This table shows the different recipes used to get from 200 to 265.

    Skill Item From - To

    185 Elixir of Agility 200 - 210 (10)

    195 Elixir of Greater Defence 210 - 215 (5)

    215 Superior Healing Potion 215 - 230 (15)

    230 Elixir of Detect Undead 230 - 250 (20)

    240 Elixir of Greater Agility 250 - 265 (15)

    Getting from 265 to 300

    Although you can get to 300 using the elixir of detect demon recipe,
    the Gromsblood needed is expensive when bought from the auction house
    so I decided to use vendor available recipe's to get from 265 to 300.

    Get the superior mana potion recipe from Ulthir in Darnassus or
    Algernon in Undercity and the major healing potion recipe from Evie
    Whirlbrew in Everlook.

    Make superior mana potion to get to skill 285 and major healing potions to get to 300.

    Congratulations, you now have 300 skill in alchemy.

    This table shows the different recipes that are available through vendors to get from 265 to 300.

    Skill Item From - To

    260 Superior Mana Potion 265 - 285 (20)

    275 Major Healing Potion 280 - 300 (20)

    This table shows who and where the different vendors are for the previously mentioned recipe's.

    What Who Where

    Superior Mana Potion Ulthir (Alliance Faction)

    Algernon (Horde Faction) Darnassus


    Major Healing Potion Evie Whirlbrew (Neutral) Everlook in Winterspring

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