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    Fast levelling guide

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    Fast levelling guide Empty Fast levelling guide

    Post by Scaglietti on Mon Aug 13, 2007 2:18 pm

    A guide to level up fast.

    By Cobbz

    ~~~~~Fast levelling guide~~~~~

    Part 1. How to level fast with a pure int.
    Part 1b. Requirements
    Part 1c. Basic step by step.

    Part 2. How to level fast with a pure STR.
    Part 2b. Requirements
    Part 2c. Information i can offer

    Part 3. Questions And Answers

    Part 1. - How to level fast with a pure INT.
    A pure INT is the fastest leveler. Its fact. A pure INT does more damage, and after level 30 has a very powerful ranged magical attack called a "nuke". In this guide, we are completely based around using these "nukes".

    To be the fastest leveler, you will need the following.
    1. Determination
    2. Self-discipline
    3. Experience
    4. Enough gold to buy the latest weapon at each level

    Basic Step by Step Guide.
    Start a new character, make sure you select the BOW as your weapon. Why you ask?
    Bow is the fastest levelling below level 30.

    Start off grinding, (mangyangs, weasels e.t.c.). DO NOT level any masteries. Once you hit level 5, you can get your first skill and imbue.

    Imbue - A magic status for your weapon that infuses the weapon with the power of an element. (My own definition).
    All you need to know is it makes your attacks more powerful and last 5 seconds (at level 5).

    Once at level 5, level up the masteries "Pacheon", the bow mastery, and "Lightning", for your imbue and speed skills. And also later, a nuke. Your build will now look like this;

    With this skills, grind up to level 7. Once at level 7, level up both pacheon and lightning to level 6. This gives a gap of 1. (A gap is the difference of your character level and your highest mastery level).

    Now, continue to grind to level 8. WOW!!! Level 8!!! You can buy a new weapon. You probably wont have much money, assuming this is a new server, so search stalls for a nice level 8 bow. Any will do, as long as its cheaper than from the NPC.

    Now you are level 8, whilst in town, buy a lot of MP and HP herbs, and run over to the Yeoha mobs out of the west gate of jangan and over the bridge. You will be able to handle the decayed yeohas as they are pure phy attack so they need to be close to attack you, and they walk VERY slow. Try to avoid the normal Yeoha's. Keep killing these mobs until level 13.

    Whilst leveling, keep the 1 gap between mastery level and character level. Keep pacheon and lightning at the same.

    NOTE: While leveling with the one gap, remember to keep ugrading the anti-devil bow and the lightning imbue at every skill level. At level 29 you should have anti-devil bow maxed and the following lightning skills maxed;
    Lightning Imbue - MAXED
    Flow/Must Piercing Force - MAXED (use this buff all the time)
    Grass walk - MAXED
    Lion Shout Series - MAXED

    REMEMBER: You should update your armor/garment/protector, and weapons at every degree.

    As soon as you're level 30, you get the lightning nuke and shouts, use the nuke + shout whatever you are. You can keep your bow for now, just make sure you get a spear at level 32. You want the most power with your nukes.


    NOTE: The fastest way to level is to kill the highest mob that you can kill with one nuke and one shout. Even if it is lower level that you.

    Final Step
    Now, grind all the way to level 72, only leveling lightning, all skills except phantom walk and the concentration series. Use a spear, right until the end. Once at level 72, get skills to level 72 too. Now, we can start to create your build. Obviously after some pwnage at PVP, as everyone will be 30 levels lower than you haha. Since you will be pretty much the only person in Taklamakan, you go to whichever mobs you can handle, and start to create a 9 gap. Once at level 80, you will have that 9 gap. Just grind until you have enough skill points for your build. I suggest using this calculator as it includes updated skills (such as mana shield).

    As a pure int, you will have low defense, so i advise you take sword/shield as your build. But obviously, a spear can also survive with the mana shield, but yet again, sword and shield is much better at surviving and tanks better with mana shield.

    Your build can be whatever you like, but i suggest one of the following.

    Heuksal - 80
    Ice - 80
    Lightning - 80
    Fire - 60

    Bicheon - 80
    Heuksal - 60
    Lightning - 80
    Ice - 80

    Bicheon - 80
    Lightning - 80
    Ice - 80
    Fire - 60

    For the red build, this is pure int spear. Get all Lightning skills. Get all fire skills. Only get the ice passive and cold armor in ice.
    Get all heuksal skills except the following;
    First series (Wolf bite)
    The dancing demon/heuskal spear series
    The chains
    The spear throw.

    For the blue build, this is sword and shield. Get all Lightning skills. Get all fire skills. Only get the ice passive and cold armor in ice.
    Get all skills in bicheon except the following;
    The First Series
    The Chains
    Blade Force/Soul Cut Blade
    Specials (Snake Sword Dance)

    For the brown build, this is sword and shield.Get all Lightning skills. Get all fire skills. Only get the ice passive and cold armor in ice.
    Get all bicheon skills except the following;
    The First Series
    The Chains
    Blade Force/Soul Cut Blade
    Specials (Snake Sword Dance)

    MAIN POINT - Do not create your build until you have enough skill points.

    Part 2. How to level fast with a STR character
    This is a lot harder. A STR build gets half its power from weapon skills and half from the imbue. This makes it difficult as a 1 gap is not sufficient to have enough skill points to level up two masteries.

    Unfortunately, i do not have enough experience to give a fool proof guide with STR characters. But here is what i can tell you.

    1. A LOT of determination
    2. Lots of time

    Information i can offer
    Fire imbue is necessary for a strength build to do a lot of damage. But you will also need lightning for the speed buffs.
    So here is an alternative. Use drug of wind until you are level 52, and create a 9 gap at that level. By this time, you should have farmed a lot of gold, and maybe you can buy an SoX glaive and farm penons to get your necessary SP. STR builds have other advantages than fast leveling.

    Fast levelling guide Empty Re: Fast levelling guide

    Post by Guest on Wed Aug 15, 2007 3:20 am

    Good guide, it will help me alot.

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