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    Alchemy Guide Empty Alchemy Guide

    Post by Scaglietti on Mon Aug 13, 2007 2:10 pm

    A slightly different alchemy guide but who can be even more helpfull.

    Guide by SeIeucos

    ~~~~~Alchemy Guide~~~~~

    Not to be outdone by other Alchemy Guides, I felt it was necessary for me to post a complete guide to Alchemy.

    To some, Alchemy is considered to be a “rich mans game.” Although this is not entirely true, to be a successful alchemist, wealth is definitely a factor.

    Before we get into any of the processes or procedures of Alchemy, I believe it is important to go over the basics. In order to open up the Alchemy window, you may either press the “Y” Key, or press the “A” Key and right click on the button that says Alchemy. For our purposes, I believe that it is most convenient to only use the “Y” Key method.

    Once you have the Alchemy window open you will notice several things. On the far left, there is a single slot. To its right are eight separate slots. Above, you will find two tabs, one reading “Material Processing,” and the other saying “Att. Enhancement.” At the bottom you will find two buttons “Fuse All” and “Fuse.” I have found that it is better to only use the Fuse All function, simply for convince sake. These slots, tabs, and buttons are used solely for carrying out the functions of Alchemy.

    Now that we have established a basic understanding of the Alchemy window, it is time to learn about Elements. Elements come in four different types Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire and 8 different levels. 1-8 Elements are used in the production of Magic Stones using different Alchemy Tablets. However, before we get into that lets take a closer look at Elements and How to obtain them.

    As you defeat different foes, you will notice that they drop different things, such as gold piles and various assortments of Boxes and Bags. In particular, we will focus on the large bag drop, which are called “Alchemy Materials.” These Alchemy Materials can be disassembled in order to receive Elements. A closer look at each Alchemy Material will tell you what kind of elements you will receive by dissembling it, and their respective levels and quantities. In order to disassemble an Alchemy Material, you must first obtain a “Void Rondo.” You can purchase Void Rondos from the town Grocery Seller. They cost 20 Gold each, and can be obtained in bundles as large as 5,000. I believe 100 Void Rondos is a suitable amount of which to buy.

    Once you have both the Void Rondos and Alchemy Materials, you can press the “Y” Key. Under the Material Processing tab, first place the Void Rondos in the slot to the far right. Now, you may fill the remaining eight Slots with your Alchemy Materials. Once you are finished you may press Fuse All. As the procedure goes on, your Void Rondos and Alchemy Materials will disappear and be replaced with elements.

    Also worth mentioning is the use of the Destroyer Rondos. Although I severely discourage the use of Destroyer Rondos, they do deserve a place in my guide. Like the Void Rondo, Destroyer Rondos may be purchased at the Grocery Seller. They cost a hefty amount of 400 Gold each, and can also be obtained in bundles of 5,000. In order yo use a Destroyer Rondo, first place it in the left slot under the Material Processing tab. Then, in the opened slot, you may place any sort of wearable equipment. Once you press Fuse All, the Equipment will be destroyed, and you will get some elements in return.

    Now that you have a significant amount of Elements it is time to present you with your first big decision. You may either choose to sell these newly obtained Elements or use them to produce a Magic Stone. Based on an Elements type and level, it can be worth anywhere between 100 and 2000 Gold However, this guide is meant to teach you ALL the components of Alchemy, so we will continue to work.

    Magic Stones are used to upgrade or change your equipments stats. You can do many different things to customize your items using Magic Stones, provided a seemingly endless array of opportunities. In order to produce a Magic Stone, you must first obtain a tablet. While killing monsters, you may sometimes receive a drop looking somewhat like an orange sphere. These orange spheres are actually called “Alchemy Tablets” which can be combined with elements to produce a Magic Stone. There are more then 30 different Types of tablets, each with a specific purpose. Alchemy Tablets are sorted into three different types Ruby, Jade, and Sapphire.

    Ruby Tablets are used to change an items’ stat percentage. You can view an items’ stats by holding your mouse over the item. Anything written in white font can be changed using a Ruby Tablet.

    Jade Tablets are used to add attributes to an item. Added attributes can be found at the bottom of the Items’ Description. These added attributes are often referred to as “Blues” by many players, and often times make the difference between a good and a bad item.

    Sapphire Tablets when combined with elements produce “Alchemy Potions.” These Alchemy Potions can increase your characters moving speed for a limited amount of time.

    Before you create a Magic Stone, take a close look at your tablet. The Tablets level corresponds with the degree of the item of which you which to enhance. Ex Level 3 Tablets can only upgrade Level 3 Items.

    Once you have determined this, it is time for you to create your Magic Stone. Open up the Alchemy window. Under the Material Processing tab, place the tablet you wish to use in the left slot. In the remaining four slots, place the elements required to make your stone. You can view the requirements by holding the mouse over the tablet of choice. Make sure that you have enough of each element, and that they are the right levels. Once you are ready, you may press Fuse All.

    Once again, you are faced with another hard decision. You may either choose to sell your new Magic Stone, or you can keep it and upgrade your equipment with it.

    When you look at the stone you will notice a Attribute Assimilation rate. This can be 0, 10, 20, or 30 percent. 0 percent Magic Stones only exist for Astral, Immortal, Steady, and Luck. Attribute Assimilation is the probability that more then one attribute is change. This can be good if your item has bad stats, however if your item has very good stats then you don’t want to risk using Magic Stones with high Attribute Assimilation.

    Now that you have established a decent understanding of Attribute Assimilation, it is time to upgrade your item. Once more, take a look at your stone to see what type of equipment it corresponds to. In order to use the Magic Stone you must have an item of the corresponding type and level. Once you are ready, open up this Alchemy window. Unlike Alchemy Procedures you have done in the past, the Magic Stone enhancement occurs under the Att. Enhancement tab. Place the magic stone in the left slot, and the equipment of choice in the opened slot. Before you press fuse all I will warn you, not all the results are pleasant. When you are ready, press the Fuse All button. You may be very surprised with your results.

    Elixirs are a very valuable item. Many players sell them as soon as they get them, because they are worth a large sum of money. However, many players are not aware of the benefits using an Elixir can provide you. When you successfully use an Elixir, your item will be granted an additional plus 1.

    There are four different types of Elixirs Weapon, Protector, Shield, and Accessory. In order of value. Each can be used to grant additional pluses to your item. Before we get into how to use an Elixir, I will address some things you should definitely know.

    First off, before using an Elixir, you definitely should purchase a Lucky Powder. These can be obtained at any Grocery Seller. Lucky Powders increase the chances of the pluses being successfully added. Also, items with blues such as Lucky, Astral, Immortal, and Steady can be very helpful in use of Elixirs. Read on to learn more about these attributes.

    Once you have obtained your elixir, as well as your corresponding item, and the correct level of Lucky Powder, you can proceed onwards. First open up the Alchemy window under the Att. Enchantment tab. Place your item in the far left slot. Next you place the Elixir of choice. Finally, place the lucky powder in the opened slot. Once again, before you press fuse all, please take note that there are serious risks involved with this process. Should the Elixir fail, the value of the item will reset. Unless the item is plus 4 or greater with an Astral attribute. There is also a risk of the item being destroyed in the case of the item failing when it is above plus 5. Immortal attribute can help to prevent this. In addition, if the Elixir enhancement fails when the item is plus 4 or above, there is a chance that it receives a permanent durability decrease. With this in mind, please consider before you take action. Once you have made up your mind, press the fuse all button and hope for the best. Many times I have found that it is easier then you think.

    While we are on the topic of ’s I figured this is a good time to address SoX. SoX is an abbreviation for any item that possesses a SoS, SoM, or SoSun attribute. These attributes each grant an item amazing bonuses. Their values are as follows

    Seal of Star Plus 6 / 7

    Seal of Moon Plus 10

    Seal of Sun Plus 15

    Obviously, items of this power are very hard to come by. Although there is no way to add these attributes, SoX items can be both purchased, and obtained from drops. They tend to be extremely rare, even in SoS form. From what I understand, you can play for years without getting a SoSun drop.

    Unlike most Magic Stones, lucky stones can not be obtained from Tablets. In fact there is no such way to obtain a Lucky Tablet. Instead, you may use Destroyer Rondos to destroy items that are degrees 6, 7, and 8. In addition to receiving elements, you also have a very slight chance of getting a Lucky Stone in the process. Lucky Stones are an attribute like the item Lucky Powder that increases the chance of success while using an Elixir.

    Certain Magic Stones can only be obtained by purchasing them with Silk via the in game Item mall. Both Immortal and Astral Magic stones are only available from this sort of Purchase. Press the F10 function key in game from more information on this matter.

    My mission was to provide a fully functional and accurate guide to Alchemy so that everyone could establish a good understanding of how Alchemy works. I was actually planning on providing a complete table of Alchemy Tablets and there particular functions, as well as several screen shots to help give you an idea for those of you who need further instruction. However, with the new modified forum, I am not familiar with anyway in which to post pictures. In spite of all this, I am now experimenting with HyperCam and Windows Movie Maker to create a video guide showing exactly how everything works. In addition, if possible, I pray that a GM will somewhere along the line sticky this so that it can be readily accessed at any time.

    I hope that you have found this guide helpful, and I am open to any recommendations that you have to offer. Good luck, and have a fun time on Silk Road Online

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