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    *GUIDE* Trade runs - Merchants/Hunters/Thieves

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    *GUIDE* Trade runs - Merchants/Hunters/Thieves Empty *GUIDE* Trade runs - Merchants/Hunters/Thieves

    Post by Scaglietti on Mon Aug 13, 2007 2:06 pm

    A guide about the glorious Triangular Conflict!

    Guide by Tyzue

    ~~~~~*GUIDE* Trade runs - Merchants/Hunters/Thieves~~~~~

    Hello everyone, I noticed that there was no sticky/FAQ/guide regarding these caravans so I thought I’d give it a shot If you have additional information, feel free to post it here and I’ll add it later.

    My goal is to knock out all of those general questions regarding caravanning the ups and downs of each job, how they all relate, etc. Of course, the intention is to help you decide which one is best for you.

    To tell you the truth, I’m fairly new to the game. I’m gathering information from all the different forums, guides, etc. I noticed that people like to ask questions without doing the research, so I may as well put all mine to use…

    Also, be aware that you have to panually enter the colon between the p and / on the links. For some reason the SRO forums dont enter the colons.

    TRANSPORT ITEMS……………………………
    CREDITS/HELPFUL LINKS................…………


    Caravanning is known to be one of the best ways to create profitable gold. Other known methods are picking up the small amounts of gold that monsters drop as you kill them, selling items you find on the fields, buying/selling items in town *stalls*, or gambling with alchemy.

    Caravanning is the journey of delivering goods from one town to the next. There are three jobs that participate in these caravans Merchants, Thieves and Hunters.

    There are different levels of caravans. They are labeled by “stars” 1 star to 5 stars. These stars are based on the value of the caravan. 1 star caravans are meant for first-timers. Player thieves cannot attack 1 star caravans, however, the game generates computer thieves that attack you. These are lower leveled CPU thieves and they are fairly easy to kill. Keep in mind, the game generates CPU thieves for all star caravans. Meaning, you should be careful if there is a 5 star caravan on the road ahead of you, take another route because their CPU thieves could easily wipe you out. This is a common mistake that new caravans discover the hard way so BE CAREFUL


    Level 20 character.
    Good amt of gold. I recommend no less than 30k.
    1 Job Item.

    You must be level 20 before you can begin caravanning. You generally want to have a stable amount of gold before you begin since you are investing your money and there is no guarantee that you will make it to the other town on your first go. Personally, I would not recommend caravanning until you are about level 25-30 or unless you have a high leveled friend who can protect you on your journey. As a low level merchant, thieves could kill you fairly easily. As a low level thief, merchants and/or hunters could kill you fairly easily. As a low level hunter, thieves could kill you and your merchant fairly easily.

    On top of being level 20, you need to buy your job’s clothes. Each job has a “job item”. These are clothes that you equip, and doing so, you become whatever job the item is for. Example Black Suit is the Thief item when you equip it, you become a thief. Yes, this means that you can switch between jobs. You do not have to be stuck with one job all the time. You can be a merchant one day and a thief the next. You can buy these items in their designated guilds merchant guild, hunter guild or thief guild. Map is available here. http//

    When you are a merchant/hunter/thief, you do not turn into a murder for killing another merchant/hunter thief. If you kill someone who isn’t wearing a job item, then it is considered a murder. You DO lose your normal 2 percent exp for dying during a caravan.


    Merchant. Your goal as a merchant is to transport goods from one town to the next. You buy certain items for cheap in one town and take them to another town to sell for profit. http// Here is a list of items you can transport. It lists their buy price and their sell price. Notice what a big difference in profit The further away the town, the more profit you make. Neat, huh?

    Merchants increase their merchant level upon delivery of goods. The higher your merchant level is, the more value each star trade is worth. Bascially, a level 1 merchant would be able to trade 10k in items on a 1 star trade. A level 4 merchant would be able to trade 30k in items on a 1 star trade. This applies for all star trades. **The numbers used were just examples, they are not the in-game values**

    Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not as easy as you’d like it to be……

    Thieves. Your goal as a thief is to kill Merchants and steal the goods during their transport. Ah, the easy way out. Why bother to go through the hassle of transporting goods between towns if you could just steal them from other people and make a 100 percent profit?

    After you steal the goods, you don’t sell them to the regular town NPC. You have to sell them at the thief town as “stolen goods”. Remember, you didn’t pay for a cent of this booty so you’re gaining much more than you would as a merchant.

    Seems easy enough, this has got to be the best job, right? WRONG. There is definitely a downside to running against the law.

    Thieves on SRO can raise their thief level by gaining experience received from attacking merchants, transports and hunters. When the thief level is increased, attacks done to merchants, transports and hunters become stronger. Thief levels are categorized into 7 grades.

    When thieves steal goods, or kill merchants, transports and hunters, “thief penalty points *TPP* are accumulated. When your TPP goes over 3000, your status turns into “wanted status”. When this happens, you turn into a highly coveted bounty. Hunters can kill you even if you are not wearing your thief clothes and they receive a hefty reward for it. You are not safe ANYWHERE. Well, you cant get killed in towns but people will follow you around. Its like being a murderer, people want to kill you.

    When a hunter catches a wanted thief, the thief receives a penalty and cannot play any jobs. To remove the wanted penalty, thieves must pay the hunter guild NPC and a set period of time must pass in order to play a job again.

    Obviously, thieving is discouraged but it’s still an option, haha.

    Hunters. Your goal as a hunter is to protect the merchant from hostile thieves. Most merchants hire hunters to protect them on their caravan. There is no point in spending all their money on items, if they can’t even make it to the other town without getting robbed In which case, they would lose money and make zero profit. I think that’s why they make the buy price so low, haha. It may take a few tries to succeed. That is why the hunters are so valued.

    Your JOB level exp is gained when you succeed in your job goal. Merchants, delivering items to town. Thieves, robbing caravans, killing merchants/hunters. Hunters, killing thieves.

    So with that said, you can pretty much figure out why they call this the “Triangular Conflict”. Each job has a goal that interferes with the others’. Like rock, paper scissor there is no “best” one since each job finds conflict with the others. It’s up to your personal preference. That’s why this guide is here, to help tip the scale for you.


    Each caravan is required to have a transport vehicle of some sort. You can view the available transports http// here. Each transport has different stats. Some have much more HP than others, which is helpful when you’re being attacked since they will take more effort to kill. Some carry more items than others, which would maximize your profits but they usually walk slower. The price of each transport varies depending on these stats.

    You should also buy some transport potions. These potions heal your transport during/after an attack. These potions are available in small or large packs. You can purchase these from the stable keeper. Small, 190 gold, recovers 360 HP. Large, 400 gold, recovers 660 HP. Be careful though, you do not want to spend so much money on potions that you do not gain any profit from the caravan. Your goal is always to maximize your profits.

    Also, thieves are required to have a transport when they take robbed goods to thief town.


    You can find a list of the Transport items and their value/description http// here.

    Unfortunately, I do not know how much these sell for in thief town. If anyone finds out, could you let me know so I could add the info for all to read? Thanks I’ll do more research later.


    The downside to caravanning is that you are not hardcore leveling. Your goal is to get to the designated town without getting killed so stopping to kill the monsters in the area to gain a few skill/stat points is not very beneficial. But your wallet will be smiling at you so whichever seems better to you.

    If you prefer to level and such, the http// quests should be good for you between levels. If you would like to make lots of money *and have fun while you do it*, caravanning is just for you.

    Caravanning could be really fun sometimes and it can be very frustrating other times. I strongly recommend that you play with your friends, guildmates or people that you TRUST. I have read many caravan horror stories about people who were tricked and scammed during their transport. People can be very deceiving you might hire a hunter but they will turn around, put on a black suit and rob your caravan. And other times people will tell you that they are low leveled just to turn around and rob you later. I don’t want to scare anyone, just BE CAREFUL *I can’t stress this enough*.

    Caravanning is so heavily involved with being careful. One mistake and you could lose your entire caravan full of expensive loot.


    Avoid the main road. Since you can’t trust any strangers, just avoid the main road. Try to find another way to get to town that you think would have less traffic. It’s better to avoid seeing people than to fight them and worry about losing everything you have unless, of course, you enjoy the PVP. In which case, it’s probably best to be a thief so you could do the hunting, haha.

    BE CAREFUL *Do you hate me yet?*

    Review the town http// maps online. This way, you know exactly where you need to go and you aren’t running around town wondering where you should be. It’s just a better way to be prepared.
    In fact, review all the http// maps. It will help you in the long run.

    Bring return scrolls and lots of potions/universal pills. Nothing sucks more than dying only a few feet away from town.

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