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    Pure and hybrid INT sword and spear guide

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    Pure and hybrid INT sword and spear guide Empty Pure and hybrid INT sword and spear guide

    Post by Scaglietti on Sun Aug 12, 2007 7:48 pm

    An another guide i took from Silkroad official forums, its really useful for those who want to make a Pure/ hybrid INT char and use it for a long long time.

    Guide made my Phaest

    ~~~~~Pure and hybrid INT sword and spear guide~~~~~

    Since the number of questions about INT based builds has been rising lately, I figured I would write a guide. I play a level 68 hybrid sword and shield nuker, and a level 23 pure INT spear nuker, so I do have a bit of experience with these builds.

    INT based builds are usually called nukers, because their main attacks consist of the distance attack spells like the Flame Wave Series and the Thunderbolt Force Series. They can be so called pure INT nukers, which means all points go into INT, or hybrids, which means some points are placed into STR to sacrifice some damage power in return for more HP.

    If you choose to play a hybrid, remember that your main damage source is still your magical attacks. As such, try to keep your naked, meaning without equipment on, magical balance above 80 percent. A popular hybrid build these days is the 90 percent sword and shield nuker.

    INT based characters use either sword and shield or spear, because these weapons carry more magical damage than the STR based weapons blade and glaive. Bows are usually used by STR based builds as well, since most bow skills are physical, and because bow users rely heavily on the physical based crits. A lot of nukers will use a bow up to level 30 though, since the first nukes become available at level 30.

    The choice between sword and shield or spear depends mostly on your playing style. A spear deals more damage, and the shield gives you a better protection, so you receive less damage. A shield also gives you yet another item to increase your INT and STR using the blue stats, and it blocks some of your opponents attacks. If you use a shield, it is important to get one with a high block rate, since the block rate determines the chance that an attack will be blocked. Crits on weapons are of no importance to pure INT builds, and of relatively little use to a hybrid build, so do not spend too much gold on a weapon with a high crit. High magical attack power however is very important for your weapon.

    Since an INT packs less HP than a STR build, and because INT users already get extra magical defence from their INT, most INT builds tend to wear at least protector, and most wear armor. At low level however, the difference between armor and garments is small, so you can safely use garments upto 4th or 5th degree, and switch to armor at some point in your 3X levels. Try to get a lot of INT, STR, and HP on your equipment. You will need the INT to increase your damage, and the STR and HP to improve your low HP, and for hybrids to improve your physical damage. After level 60, it is not unlikely that about 40 percent of your HP total comes from your equipment.

    This is where pure INTs and hybrids tend to differ. A pure INT usually has very little physical balance, and as such most physical buffs and attacks are next to useless. This also implies that pure INTs usually need less SP than a hybrid build. Assume about 150-200K for a pure INT, and 200-250K for a hybrid INT build.

    Fire Force Series, also known as fire imbue. Optional if one already uses the Thunder Force Series.
    Fire Shield Series, for status effect protection. Buy a cheap shield if you are not a sword user to activate it.
    Flame Body Series, for increasing physical damage. For hybrids only, and even then it is optional.
    Fire Protection Series, for magical protection
    Flame Wave Series, for nuking. As soon as you get the 2nd book, you can delevel the 1st book to skill level 1, since you will not be using it anymore. The 3rd book is optional, but quite handy for mass damage dealing.
    Flame Devil Force, for increasing physical damage. For hybrids only, and even then it is optional.

    All skills are useful. Thunder Force Series is optional if one already uses the Fire Force Series.

    Cold skills are optional, and used to freeze your opponent and improve your physical protection.
    Frost Guard Series, for increasing your physical protection.
    Cold Wave Attack, 1st book 1st level only, for frostbiting your opponent.
    Frost Nova Series, 1st and 2nd book 1st level only, for freezing and frostbiting your opponent.
    Cold Armor Series, for increasing your physical protection.

    Bicheon skills are useless to spear users, optional for full INT sword users, and useful for hybrid sword users.
    Chain Sword Attack Series. They are nice to look at, deal about as much damage as a nuke, but on a single target, and costs a ton of SP. Optional even for hybrid sword users.
    Hidden Blade Series, for knocking down opponents. Good for hybrid sword users.
    Killing Heaven Blade Series, for stabbing down on knocked down opponents. Good for hybrid sword users.
    Shield Protection Series, for improving your block. Good for all sword users, but optional for pure INTs.

    The only heuksal skill useful for sword users and pure INT spear users is the Cheolsam Force Series passive for extra HP. Especially hybrid sword users can safely do without it.

    Soul Departs Spear Series, for stunning opponents. Useful especially for hybrid spear builds.
    Ghost Spear Attack Series, for knocking back opponents. Useful especially for hybrid spear builds.
    Cheolsam Force Series, for extra HP. A must for all spear users, and useful for pure INT sword users.

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    Pure and hybrid INT sword and spear guide Empty Re: Pure and hybrid INT sword and spear guide

    Post by Delmira on Sun Aug 12, 2007 7:51 pm

    Another nice guide, that will give me somthing to read tonight.

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